Contribute to ongoing efforts to create and sustain language carriers and knowledge holders across our communities.


 Uqarluta / Let’s Speak Inuinnaqtun! is a project of the charitable organization, the Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq / Kitikmeot Heritage Society, and is powered by a passionate team and a growing community. The programming and initiatives that have been put in place to revitalize our language have ongoing operational costs and require the time and expertise of dedicated teachers, fluent mentors, expert linguists and countless other support personnel.

When you support Inuinnaqtun revitalization, you ensure that Inuinnait knowledge, language and culture survives and thrives. Your generosity sustains cultural and educational programming that strengthens Inuinnait identity and cultural vibrancy.

We appreciate contributions of all amounts. Every gift adds up to help support programs and initiatives that have a direct and profound impact on current and future generations.

Current Needs

In 2020, we are initiating a Master-Apprentice Language Pilot Program that will pair fluent Inuinnaqtun speakers (mentors) with dedicated language learners (apprentices) for 300 hours of one-on-one language immersion to begin a community-wide process to revitalize our language. We have laid a strong foundation for this evidence-based immersive approach to language revitalization by learning about the best strategies for community engagement, program implementation, monitoring and evaluation from the University of Victoria’s Indigenous Language Education department.

Participation in this immersive program requires a significant time commitment. Both mentors and apprentices must often forego employment and work opportunities. It is standard practice among Mentor-Apprentice Language Programs across Canada to financially compensate all participants for their commitment and dedication to teaching/reclaiming their language. Apprentices are investing their time to become a resource and specialist for the benefit of their community, to encourage and help others take back their language and ensure that language and knowledge is not lost forever.

Each Mentor-Apprentice team requires $14,000:

• $7,500 honorarium for the Mentor
• $6,000 honorarium for the Apprentice
• $500 for supplies (reading materials, learning resources, program supplies for traditional activities)

Your support adds up.

Every $20 provides an apprentice with the opportunity to spend an hour immersed in their mother tongue with a mentor.

Invest in the future of Inuinnait.
Support Mentor-Apprentice teams across four communities to reclaim Inuinnaqtun and revitalize Inuinnait culture.